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Taza Bistro

A bitAbout us

"No matter which delicious dish catches your eye, rest assured that it's crafted using only the freshest, most wholesome ingredients, bursting with exquisite flavors. Our menu is all about embracing the delightful fusion of Mediterranean classics and creating delectable dishes from the simplest, raw ingredients. And what truly sets us apart is the homemade, from-scratch touch we infuse into every creation, making you feel like a cherished guest in our kitchen. From the moment you walk through the door, you are transported to your favorite region of the Mediterranean, enjoying a delightful meal prepared especially for you."  - Chef Sandra

Taza Bistro - Our Culinary Ode to the Mediterranean

Nestled in the heart of Scottsdale, Arizona, our bistro is a harmonious blend of tradition and innovation, promising a culinary journey that spans the rich tapestries of the Mediterranean.  A place where gourmet meets homely warmth, and every dish is a labor of love, crafted from scratch.

At Taza Bistro, the diverse cultures and rich flavors of the region unite, transporting guests to the vibrant streets of Greece, the warm cafés of France, the bustling markets of the Middle East, the cozy trattorias of Italy, the aromatic alleys of Turkey and Morocco, and the lively plazas of Spain.


Meet Chef Sandra - The Soul Behind Taza

Born in Cairo, amidst the kaleidoscope of Middle Eastern flavors, Chef Sandra's love for food was nurtured under the watchful eyes of her mother and grandmother. Their kitchen became her playground, where every sizzle, aroma, and stir shaped her culinary dreams. To Sandra, each meal was not just about the taste but the anticipation, the stories behind each ingredient, and the love sewn into every dish.



A Shared Dream Comes to Life

Together with my husband Nick, at the heart of it all, we've realized the dream of introducing our corner of the world to gourmet-style, homemade-from-scratch Mediterranean inspired delicacies.

We warmly invite you to our little slice of the Mediterranean right here in Scottsdale. Let us take you on a journey through its diverse landscapes, with dishes that resonate with authenticity and innovation. Join us for an experience that’s not just about dining, but about celebrating the joy of food, the richness of culture, and the bonds that bring us together. Just minutes away, Taza Bistro awaits with open arms and simmering pans.

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