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4 Reasons to Choose Healthy Meal Prep Delivery

You want to be a healthy eater. You look up recipes, you read about ingredients that are high in nutrients and are good for you. You have the best intentions to lead a healthy lifestyle. But…life happens!

We get it, you’re busy. Who has time to buy ingredients, look up recipes, chop vegetables, cook the meals, then have to deal with dishes after a long day.

So you resolve to stopping by a drive through for a quick bite, or you order in. The problem is, most of these options offer the convenience, but not necessarily the healthiness. What you end up with is a greasy alternative that you regret eating later.

Does that sound familiar? We have the solution! You should consider meal prep, and we will tell you why.

1. You’re a parent juggling multiple responsibilities If you’re a parent with a full time job, you are likely pressed with time to devote to shopping, cooking and cleaning. You juggle between baseball practice, homework, and oh yeah, your own job! And with a worldwide pandemic that has caused the whole country, the whole world, to shut down, we find ourselves at home more and more. And being home doesn’t mean more time to cook, it means even less time.

With no time to cook, you ask the kids what they want for dinner. Pizza! Burgers! No, tacos! No one can agree on what to eat. So you compromise and maybe one of you is happy with the outcome. But why? You can all be happy and feel satisfied with what you ate. Because when you order meal prep, each of you can select the dishes that you want, and the dishes that the rest of your family wants. The beauty of individually packaged meals is that you each get exactly what you want, customized to your specifications. See Taza’s full menu here.

2. Your job always has you on the go Many jobs these days require you to be in your car or on the road for a majority of the day, or working long hours at the office. Even if that office is your home office! If you’re a realtor who has to meet client after client, you are likely driving all over the city with very little time to stop for a proper meal. So you find the nearest fast food joint on your route and pull into the drive thru. Your mind says “that’s not very good for me.” But your stomach says “feed me Seymore, feeeeed meeee!” (If you know the reference here, you’re from my generation)! When you have a demanding job, you get home exhausted and the last thing you want to think about is what to make for dinner. You open the fridge aimlessly and stare at the contents. Hmmm. Some ketchup, salad dressing, milk, eggs, bread, some vegetables that are wilting away and frankly not looking so hot. There’s frozen chicken in the freezer but that means you still have to thaw it out and then figure out what to make with it. Maybe some rice, and throw in those vegetables that are on their way out.

Nah! Let’s just order in. So the struggle begins to figure out what to order, and how healthy it’s going to be.

That’s where meal prep comes in. Imagine opening the fridge and finding those individually packaged dishes just screaming your name. All you have to do is put a dish in the microwave and it’s ready to eat in just a couple of minutes. And it’s exactly what you want to eat, because you ordered it yourself. So you think to yourself: how smart was I to anticipate I would need this, right at this moment! Don’t wait. Your perfect meals are just a click away.

3. You are on a diet and don’t have the time to cook to your specifications After months of working from home, kids’ schools are focused on remote learning, and you find yourself snacking all day. We’ve all been there! So now what? You decide to try this Keto diet everyone has been raving about. You’re dedicated to make this diet work, you like to cook, but you don’t have time to do all the shopping and planning the meals every day. So you try this diet for a few weeks then you start to slowly slip because you can’t keep it up. But you don’t have to give up on your diet, or get frustrated or feel guilty because you can’t keep it up. We are here for you! The nice thing about meal prep is that you can order the dishes that fit your diet. If you want to make your meals Keto-friendly, and have specific ingredients you want to eat, you just make your selection and customize as you see fit, and we will take care of the rest. You will find yourself able to substitute carbs with other ingredients like cauliflower rice, spaghetti squash and other hearty vegetables to compliment a high-protein dish.

4. You have a family member or friend that could really use the gift of food Yes, it’s a thing. Gifts can be of all shapes, sizes and types, so why not food? Who doesn’t want to receive fresh, healthy, home-cooked meals delivered to their door step. What a great surprise!

GIFT TO YOUR ELDERLY PARENT We have had customers order for their older adult parent who lives alone. I had the pleasure of delivering to a very sweet lady who lives in a condo. When she opened the door, and saw me wearing my mask, she immediately turned to her right and grabbed her own mask from the side table. She put it on and I couldn’t help by smile (although you couldn’t really tell, under my mask). Her mask was a Santa mask. I just giggled and said “You look so festive!”

GIFT TO A FAMILY IN MOURNING We all hate to talk about death, but it’s inevitable. And when you just don’t know what to say or how to console a friend for the passing of their loved one, do it with food. Sure, flowers are a classic “can’t go wrong.” But if you want something they will enjoy, even for that brief moment, treat them to a fresh, home-cooked meal.

GIFT FOR A SPECIAL OCCASION Let’s end this on a good note. Say you live in another state and have a friend or family member who lives in Arizona (yeah, it’s been known to happen). It’s their birthday, anniversary, graduation, job promotion, you name it! You can’t quite decide what you want to send them as a gift. Do you go online and ship them a gift card? Why not give them the gift of food? We will deliver their meals on the day you specify and surprise them on their special day.

We have the solution At Taza, we offer custom, healthy meal prep, that’s delivered fresh to your door every time. To learn more about meal prep, click here.

Don’t waste another day ordering unsatisfying take out. Order your meal prep today and have it delivered. Here’s how to get started.

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My husband and I love going to Taza for the food and for Chef Sandra and Nick. We always bring our out-of-town friends and family because Taza is our “Cheers!” We love the well thought out renovations, and tonight after looking at the website, I’m very impressed by the fresh, new look of that, too! Kudos for all the love and hard work and great food! You are a gift to McCormick Ranch!

Ellen Speranzo

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